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On the 20th Feb.I ordered a new phone ,Although my old contract had 3months to run I was told that I would have to pay for those 3 months which was fine and continued with the order ,I received a confirmation order with an order no and told how to track the order.I wasonly able to get on to the tracking site once after that it would not accept my order number.So I went on the chat line and spoke to one of vodafones representatives who told me there was no such order in my name ,I told her their must be as I have a confirmation email with an order no ,she transferred me to someone on the telephone help line who told me that she had found my order and it was being processed ,but she did not know how long before I got he phone.but should be within 3 days .after 3days not having heard anything I phoned your 1704 number and was told that I had to pay the up the old contract first .I said I thougtht that you would take it from my bank.She said I cn not do that you need to go and pay it,So i asked do you want me to go to one of youyr shops and pay or can do it on my card  she put me on hold and said I will transfer you to some one to take youyr details,The girll that I was transfered to said No problem we can take the money direct from your bank,you should receive an email within 4 days telling you when they will deliver the phone.needless to say the 4 days are up and I still have heard nothing

.I have been with vodafone in Spain and the Uk for 15 years and have never had such problems .If it had not been for the fact trhat I am not sure what is happening to my order I would cancell it and take my number to Orange who are offering better deals especialy if you port your number.If I have not received my phone with in the next couple of days I will change over to Orange.It seems to me that with vodafone the right hand does not know what the left is doing

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Re: order

Hello  @colinhea

understand that has made a request through shop on line 1704 and not you has arrived.

Would have given high line in Vodafone Spain 3 months ago?
You had another terminal previously purchased shares?


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