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Unable to access bills in Mi Vodafone

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I am unable to get past the security part to check a bill that was a LOT more than usual. Can you help with this please?
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Re: Unable to access bills in Mi Vodafone

¡Welcome to Foro Vodafone, @LA24!


We need you to access to  Mi Vodafone, when you login you will see the following box:



Clicking on the Quiero el perfil de acceso total option, will show the following box where you should press Comenzar:



Now you will be asked for the necessary data to finish the activation of the total profile, for this you must put your type of identity document and the method of payment, after this press the Continuar button and you will have the total profile activated:



If at any point in this process you show an error or you do not see any of the windows, please attach a capture to be able to review it.  


We hope that you can carry out this process correctly and then visualize the bills.  


If you have any questions or additional questions, we invite you to contact us again, from where we will be happy to help you.  


A greeting.

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