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Access to my NAS and smart home


Live up a mountain here in Spain although only 1 klm outside a small village but have no Telephone or fibre lines and NO chance of any spanish company installing them.


The vodafone shop in the next town has given me a vodafone sim to test if i have 4G and yes i have a very good Vodafone 4G signal here at the villa, he says that with the vodafone illimitada total sim and my Huawei B525 router and an extra "one number" sim  for the phone he says i can access my NAS and my smart home from anywhere in the world from my phone or laptop.




I checked the  sim he gave me to test and in my tests it would appear that it puts the router behind a CG-NAT. ie there is NO accessible public IP, therefore one CANNOT access ones NAS or smart home.  In a number of forums it says that one can ask of vodafone for a public IP.


But the shop guy now says he hasn't any idea what im talking about and doesn't know who or how to ask ?????


I cannot find anywhere on VODAFONES website for a direction or phone number of technical services only the ""hmmm! atencion de cliente"" which of course knows nothing other than to sell you something Emoticono feliz


so can someone here from vodafone technical support who understands what i am asking, point me to where one could ask for a public IP to be assigned to the sim.


OR is it that the "One number sim" already comes with a public IP, being why he is telling me, with that and the unlimited total i can access my NAS.


but i have my doubts about that


So can someone here point me in the right direction


Thanks IAN


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Re: Access to my NAS and smart home

I must say I am very disapointed that nobody from vodafone has bothered to answer my questions.


I have also seen in another forum that  if the network is the new IPV6 this will also allow access.


So is somebody from Vodafone staff going to answer my questions


Thanks Ian

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