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3 Months waiting for refund and nobody in customer service helps.

In February, I had a family plan with two phone lines and an additional phone line. We asked to cancel one of the phone lines within the family plan, and we were told that the additional phone line would be absorbed into the family plan. We were charged for all three lines afterwards, and told we would receive a refund at the end of March to correct the problem. We were charged again for three phone lines in April, and are still being charged for three lines even though we are currently only using two. I have called customer service multiple times over the course of three months, and each person I talk to on the phone and in the store tells me something different and wrong. The problem has not been fixed, even though many vodafone representatives tell me it is, and I still have not received any refund. I was charged again for three phones this month. It seems like every person at vodafone just wants to get me off the line, and doesn't actually have any answers. I am cancelling my plan with vodafone, and recommend that nobody use it. If you ever have an issue, they will not help you.

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